Canberra and the deadness of

June 28, 2008


It’s been awhile eh folks? That is, if ANYONE still visit this godforsaken piece of neglected blog. Understand though, it wasn’t at all an easy semester and since I lack the capability to multi-task unlike most of my other female counterparts, it was extremely tough for me to upkeep a blog and prioritize my studies at the same time.

Anyways, life’s been pretty interesting for me. Corrinne just had her wedding reception today and although I never really knew her that well I could still vividly recall her in her baju kurung roaming the corridors of SAB, which contributed to the surreality of the wedding. And being the sentimental-ass that I am, I was struggling to keep tears in my eyes even before she reached the end of the aisle. Actually, I teared up when she reached the end of the aisle because she was hesitant in letting her dad ‘give’ her away.

I doubt I’d be making a second trip to Canberra anytime soon because people aren’t kidding around when they say there’s absolutely nothing to do in this place. Well, apart from fireworks and the rows and rows and rows and rows of porn shop at Fyshwick. Apparently though, porn shops aren’t just known as porn shops anymore; they’re now called ‘adult lifestyle’ shops.

Adult lifestyle shops. As if there’s nothing in the ‘adult lifestyle’ but sex. What about work and mortgage and financing your kids? That sounds very much like an adult lifestyle to me. But I suppose it’s kinda like lumping obesity under the disease category, which ’til today angers me like heck .
‘Oh, I weigh 2, 438 kgs but it’s not my fault I’m a human whale. It’s a disease. I can’t help it.’ Give me a freakin’ break.

So after a long long loooon day of wedding activities with touristy activities and fireworks-hunting in between, I finally got back to the hostel at 11.30 p.m. Or so I thought it was 11.30 p.m. I got out of my heels as quick as possible and was looking forward to a good night’s sleep when I caught sight of the clock.

It was.
7.13 p.m.
You have to be bloody joking.

I was tired as heck but I can’t bring myself to go to sleep at 7.15. So very very very VERY begrudgingly I pulled on a pair of jeans and my sneakers and trudged out of the room. I was going to borders to get meself a book when I heard a reggae band playing in the bar just next to the hostel, so I decided to go in for a lonely bottle of beer. The awesome thing about reggae is that you don’t need a joint to feel chill, the laidback chords are enough to trip you out. And the reggae boys usually have dreads and exude mucho mucho boho-ness and I am an absolute sucker for boho. Tonight in that 7-man band, there are three gorgeous dreadlocked bohos for me to pick to perv from. Nice.

So there I was sitting by myself at the bar, chatting occasionally to the bartender when the band finished their soundcheck (reminder: it was barely 8 pm.. they were just soundchecking) so they headed over to the bar to grab a few drinks while I try to look as pretty as I can in my smeared make-up. Instead of one of the dreadlocked bohos however, Pete the bass guy chatted me up instead.


Not exactly a name I’d used if I played in a boho band.
But he was a nice guy, albeit a little too clean-cut. But coincidentally they hailed from Melbourne and was just in Canberra for tonight’s gig. AND I’ve actually seen them perform twice before last year which makes me a sorta kinda semi fan.

So that pretty much wraps up my stay here in Canberra. If you’re a historian and is interested in the wars the Australians are involved with then by all means, make a trip down here. But really other than the War Memorial there really isn’t much to see here. Unless you wanna buy porn and sex toys in bulk or something, there are quite a few ‘adult lifestyle’ warehouse clearances going on. It’s going to be a pretty interesting break for me though, next stop is a week in Sydney. Wonder what’s in store for me there.


Pork & Beans

May 26, 2008

If you spend way too much time on youtube this vid is fer ya! Awesome song and the vid, you’re bound to catch a few familiar faces in there (and if you’re into retarded shit then you’ll recognize Charlie the Unicorn in 2:57 LMAO)

Made my day, this. :D


The journey of 42 km begins with an online registration

May 16, 2008

… that will be launched June 1!

Called Ken, we spoke briefly about it and after some consideration I’ve decided to go for the full-marathon this October. Why not half, Eivind asks. Dunno. And yes, I am concerned about my knees and my feet and I probably should get orthotics first to fix my pes planus albeit mild because damn my feet causes me immense grief after 45 mins of running. But this is the only way I know how to weave through life; Do first, think later. If I break my legs or lose my feet so be it lor, I am going to be a ‘cheeropracter’, not an Olympic runner so I only need my hands anyway.

And I suppose, this is to show my commitment to Ken. Book yer flight from Sydney already, we gonna do this thang!


She’s aliveeee!!

May 15, 2008

Anyway an abrupt end to me ‘a week in a life’ posts…. I actually for once have an explanation for it. Internet was cut out!! For a week and a half the tenants of unit 22 were cruelly left without the Net for 10 days. So I decided to forget about Friday, Saturday and Sunday although they were the most eventful days that week because I actually had a point to the whole week in my life thing except now that the cutting off the Internet threw me completely off the point I meant to demonstrate which I’m sure would’ve been profound and insightful. *inhale*

Seriously if the World Wide Web being made inaccessible to uni students isn’t a good indication that the world is coming to an end, I don’t know what is. Of course, there’s the whole war breaking up the Middle East but what’s that compared to having NO INTERNET???? I kid, I kid.

I honestly and absolutely RESPECT people who spent countless hours preening and pruning their blogs; uploading pictures to accompany their every word (if only, then we’d be visiting sex blogs for a completely different reason, eh. Woohoo, homemade porn!), come up with endless streams of topics and let’s not forget them pretty pretty templates. I simply do not have the stamina or the time (or maybe that just means I have a life? Hmm.) to keep updating this thing. But I would like to however extend my thanks to all them people out there who continuously visit this page (ave. of 20 hits a day WOOHOO!) even though I tend to like to be too wordy at times.

So it’s now week 10, or coming to the end of week 10 at uni and it’s once again exam time. Scary thing about these exams is that a FAIL = extended year = decapitation. What is even scarier is should I pass them exams with flying colours, exactly a year from now I would be in clinic.

Some months ago, Andrew made me a bet. We were in technique class and as I simulated an adjustment my contact slipped and so did the words “Oh shit!”. So he dared me to say that while I adjusts my very first patient; to say OH SHIT or something, as if I stuffed up. Being the sensible, rational person I am, I mean it’s CLINIC for goodness’ sake I can fail to be registered and throw 5 year’s of education away for a measly 20 bucks too, what does he think I am an idiot? So I stuck out my hand and said “You’re on”. Hang on… but that wasn’t what I was supposed to say!!! But deed was done and with five other people as witnesses the bet was sealed. Meh. People are like goldfishes, they’re bound to forget.

The exam schedule really isn’t so bad this semester though, thankfully and instead of the previous 17 examinations, this sem we only have 11. Welpz, three weeks to go so let the stressing begin!! And that translates into me disappearing for awhile from the face of the online world.

Oooh, awesome awesome piece by yet another underrated musician who hailed from current Sarah-land, Brisbane.. I present you Tom Cooney. Chris Tan, you’ll like this one!


A week in my life: Thursday

May 2, 2008

7.12 a.m. Aight, I know weather here can be absolute shite but this is freakin’ ridiculous. I awake to yet another grey rainy FREEZING morning, it’s been almost a week now without the sun.

8.28 a.m. A relatively light day today, with only 5 contact hours but with 4 hours of technique classes which means sore sore sore necks since we’re currently doing cervicals.

1.43 p.m. Ok good, my day is over and done with, time to get out of this dump. Really. Uni takes up too much energy whoever says working is way better than coursework have never had 24 contact hours a week.

2.30 p.m. Decide to go get myself a haircut! About time, I can’t do anything with this shapeless cut of mine at the moment except wear a beanie or refuse to emerge from my room. Gave Rogs a call and he said there’s a place in Box Hill (a.k.a Asian City) that does some pretty neat cuts and best of all it’s $20!

3.11 p.m. So after almost getting killed by a 135 year-old grandmother who clearly should be driving a wheelchair instead of an automobile, I make it to Centro Box Hill. Locating the Korean hair salon Rogan told me about I am EXCITED about no longer hiding my hair under a beanie instead. And plus, Koreans are super stylish aren’t they! I pushed open the door and saunter into the salon, to be greeted by 4 idling employees. Alright, no biggie, no customers doesn’t necessarily mean they suck it just means noone needed a haircut that very minute. A curly haired chick ushered me in and gushed in Korean. Err, says me. I want a haircut? *blink blink*

After a minute of motioning and speaking very slowly I realize that none of them spoke English. They knew what I was there for; to get my hair cut doh but how I friggin’ want it, they have no clue. Farked and screwed over. But what was I to do. It was a 30 minute drive and having risked my life on top of that I’m not willing to leave until something is at least different with my hair. So I sat down and squeezed my eyes shut, praying and telling myself that hair will grow.

25 minutes later, I look like this.


6.24 p.m. I took a nap in hopes of waking up and find that I have my old albeit sucky hairstyle back. No such luck. Ahwell. Trudged to the bathroom to get ready to go out and hey! The mirror revealed that it really wasn’t that bad! So I initially looked so much like a ball because she blew it that way, but the miraculous nap messed it up and the roundness is gone, hurray hurray hurray! So this is the actual end-product of the haircut!

Moral of the story: Sleep is the universal cure to everything!

10.57 p.m. Kevin and Iskandar will both be in Oz for Corrinne’s wedding! I’d forgotten all about it to be honest. Unfortunately no definite plans yet as Kev will be here during the last week of my exams, but he will be having my couch. If all goes well, we’ll drive to Canberra instead of him flying and I’ll drive back. Also if all goes well, maybe a prospective ski trip? Wheeeee!

11.25 p.m. Zzzzzzzz.


A week in my life: Wednesday

May 1, 2008


1.43 a.m. Zzzzzzz.

7.13 a.m. Awoke with a start, I swore someone came into my room even though the door was locked…

8.20 a.m. Clinical Health with Dr. Paul “Asswipe” B. This dude has taught us NOTHING during the semester. Our class isn’t done with the public presentation of our public speaking component. As I paid my dues last week, all I had to do was sit through six speeches and point and laugh at people who are nervous as hell.

11.23 a.m. I’m skipping this class next week.

11.26 a.m. Assessment and diagnosis prac with Terrett. The take-home message from the day? 6 Chupa Chups in a row makes tummy very very sick.

2.40 p.m. ….After 6 hours of gruelling lessons straight….. urgh.. for the life of a student eh?

WOOT! Tis’ the last day of the month today. About time too, this is all I have left for the month.

1 5 dollar note, 2 1 dollar coins, 1 50 cent piece, 5 20 cent pieces, 4 10 cent pieces, 4 5 cent pieces, 1 SG 20 cents and 1 RM 20 cent piece.

3.04 p.m. Decided that I’ll go to the after-party tonight after much persuasion. Price of the ball ticket was jacked up to $80, all for a sub-par steak dinner and watered-down vodkas, 12 of which won’t even get you tipsy (tried and tested).

7.13 p.m. The thing about autumn is after the trees shed their golden leaves and the streets are no longer covered in carpets of brown, yellow and orange, it is a pretty depressing season. It’s wet, cold, it gets dark at 6.15 and it’s grey and bleary. It’s a season for soups, hot stews, scarves, and gaining weight. But the best thing about having a solid few months of depressing season is that everything else that was trivial becomes accentuated. Which really works out in the end because it takes less to make my day; hot showers and a hot mochaccino made the way I like it by Mike is all I need to get through the day.

11.01 p.m. After 40 minutes of dressing-up and cosmetic-applying Lance calls to tell the group will only be leaving Lincoln to Arcadia at 1???? Big disappointment but ahwell. To bed early!


A week in my (current) life: Tuesday

April 30, 2008

6.15 a.m. Seriously, these dreams would have to stop sooner or later. I had a series of dreams again and the last one involved a recent development in an ulu part of Malaysia… But the development really wasn’t a development, it was just to trick property buyers into moving into the area so that the zombies behind the whole sham project can eat them up. The dream before involved me needing to go pick my grandma up from some nightclub. Problem was, the address she gave me couldn’t be found in the street-directory, neither can it be located in the GPS and Google Earth.

6.17 a.m. Aight. Need to make up for last night’s slackness in doing my assignment. Just look at me, such diligence. This calls for a 5-minute snooze reward!

7.24 a.m. …..Well, I do have a light day today…. and besides I’m tired and it’s 9 degrees C out…..

7.55 a.m. ………..should at least get out of bed now….


9.30 a.m. Was a freakin’ dreary day today.

Seriously, who on earth would want to go to school on a day like this. And look at that freakin’ dead tree framing the campus building in the background, how more depressing can it get, fuck.

9.40 a.m. Soft tissue with Dr. Hallam. The best thing about this class is if you work with a diligent partner you can pick to just lie down and relax while getting massages. It’s not all about massages though, but I suppose I shall rant about that when I’m not seeing double from not having breakfast.

10.15 a.m. WOOOO! FIRE DRILL!!

As if you wouldn’t take a picture of people streaming out of a building! I love mass co-operation, even if it’s for no real emergency!I wanted to snap some more but the security guards were looking my way.

11.25 a.m. If there’s one thing I love about Ozzie BBQ is that you’re bound to find sizzling sausages thick as a tree~.

2.35 p.m. Awesome, Tuesdays are my favourite days it’s the only day when I’ve less than six hours of class a day. Sat myself down, cranked the heater right up and with Enya as my companion there I go with my assignment again. You know, I dunno why people complain about assignments so much. If I drag someone to the edge of a cliff everytime someone says they’d rather die than do this assignment or that project I guarantee a 100% of no-jumping rate. Seriously. People whine too much.

2.43 p.m. Screw this man, I fucking hate this shit.

4.45 p.m. Can’t take no more of this staying indoors shiz so here I go off to the gym for an hour of SPIN! Which really is essentially you getting on a gym bike and pedalling as your life depended on it for 45 minutes to fast beats off a crappy tune.
Tip: Don’t wear underwear. If you don’t have bike shorts, it chafes. Real bad.

6.03 p.m. Dropped by Lance’s place to get pictures of St Paddy’s night and lecture notes. Sat around and told him all about ‘bomohs’ and ‘toyols’ and ‘pontianaks’ and gave him a couple of do’s and don’ts if ever he happens to find himself in Genting Highlands all the way from Canada. Think I may have scared off a potential tourist, but ahwell.

8.15 p.m. Made dinner from marinated garlic prawns and fresh cup mushrooms. Nothing like creamy herb and cheese sauce on a cold winter’s night. So what if my coronary arteries will stenose on me and eventually kill me with that heart attack I’m secretly growing by stuffing myself with all this fatty stuff eh?

9.30 p.m. Uni work makes me so hungry all the time and what is this insatiable glucose craving that plagues me whenever I’m at my desk??? I swear there were 21 chocolate chip cookies in there before (I counted) and now there’s only two!!!

3 hours later………….

Will Jace EVER get this cumbersome assignment out of the way??

*Recorded times may not be completely accurate. Thought processes however are pretty damn close to what was going through the author’s head throughout the day.